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Tips for owners to make inspecting a property easier for appraiser in winter:
February 16th, 2015 9:21 AM

Appraising a property during the winter season in Northeast Ohio can be very challenging.  Temperatures and weather conditions can make for a long and cold day.  An appraiser will typically start on the outside of the property.  They will take various pictures of the home, street and other structures on site.  The appraiser will also measure the house and, in some cases, other structures on site (porches, patios, decks, outbuildings or garages).  This is where an owner can really make the inspection process easier for the appraiser.  Shovel sidewalks, driveways, porches, patios and/or decks.  This will make getting around the property easier and it will also allow the appraiser to be able to view and note sizes and materials used for such features.  Clear access doors to any garages, outbuildings, sheds or other structures so appraiser may open and enter these areas.  This includes crawl space foundations if access is only from exterior.  Owners can also let the appraiser know if there are any potential hazardous areas around the house.  It could be a pond, lake, in ground pool or window wells.  This reminds of me a time when I was in the process of measuring a home.  I hooked my tape measure on the rear corner wall and started to walk along the home when all of a sudden I dropped about 2 feet.  There was a frog pond which I could not see because of the snow coverage.  I had to call my wife and have her bring me another pair of pants, socks and boots.  That was a fun day.  Finally, inside the home have an area with a rug or towel on the ground to take boots or shoes off.  More than likely they will be wet and we don’t want to get those beautiful floors wet. 

Steve Hemrich

Certified Residential Appraiser

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